Classroom formative assessment(スキルアップセンターFDランチョン・「自律的な学習を促進する形成的評価の実践開発」研究会)(11/22)


“Classroom formative assessment: Research and Practice”

Dr. Eva Hartell

Eva Hartell

Haninge municipality & KTH Royal Institute of Technology


“Formative Assessment” is now getting attention from many teachers and researchers in the world. Formative assessment is described as “Assessment for learning”, in contrast to “Assessment of learning”. This means formative assessment is used to encourage and promote the ongoing learning of students. Dr. Eva Hartell has studied on formative assessment for more than 20 years with and within schools in Sweden, and nowadays she holds many seminars and research projects internationally. In this seminar, we will learn the current topics and issues of the research and practice of formative assessment, and discuss Japanese classroom practices from the international perspective.

場所:総合教育講義棟 3階 B7教室

Date: November 22nd, Wednesday
Time: 12:15-12:45
Venue: General Education Lecture Hall 3rd Floor B7 Classroom

金沢大学H29年度 海外研究者招聘支援関連事業
The lecture will be given in English. No reservation is necessary.